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Drop Ins

~20 Min. (can upgrade by 15 min increments) Including watering, feeding, administering medication, pet waste cleanup, taking to bathroom. $20

Image by Vincent van Zalinge

 30 Min. (can be upgrade by 30 min increments) interactive sessions engaging in activity such as walk, play sessions, play in a park. Water change/top off included.

30 minutes:  $30
60 minutes:  $50
Image by Ryan Walton
Overnight Care

10 Hr. (typically 9:30 PM -7:30 AM) uninterrupted attention and care throughout the night for your pet(s). Does not involve exercise but can be added as an upgrade.


Ad ons

Grooming/Hygiene: 10-15 min brushing $10

Shopping: shopping trip for your dog to grab necessities or goodies

*Additional services can be added by the needs of the client and priced appropriately

Image by Avi Richards

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